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Perry Ear Cuff Large

Perry Ear Cuff Large

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Oh. Em. Gee! Get ready to dazzle with the Perry Brass Plated 18K Gold spherical ear cuffs! These lil ‚¬š ¬ ‚¬ž ¢ globes of joy are the epitome of luxe and elegance. Light as a feather, they won ‚¬š ¬ ‚¬ž ¢t weigh you down, but trust me, they pack a style punch! No piercings? No problemo! The ear clip style's got you covered. These beauties are all about personality, versatility, and the WOW factor. Grab ‚¬š ¬Ëœem, rock ‚¬š ¬Ëœem, and shine on, ladies!  Each cuff sold separately.

0.7" Diameter

Material: 18K Gold

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